Maybe It Will Go Away

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These are the five most dangerous words. People will often think or say this to themselves or others when they are feeling pain. But, when should you call the doctor?

Often times an acute injury will improve on it’s own with rest and ice. These are the first steps for someone to take on their own. Listen to your body and don’t push or aggravate a condition. Don’t just block the pain with painkillers or anti-inflammatories and then work when you shouldn’t. This will often make a condition worse.

If a condition is improving then continue to give it a little more time to heal. The body is designed to heal itself. However, if a condition does not seem to be getting better after a few days then it may be time to call the chiropractor.

Neck, back pain and headaches can certainly be debilitating. When this pain is accompanied by pain, numbness or tingling into the arm or leg you need to know that the condition is more severe. Also, the further down the leg, for instance past the knee, then it is much worse and you should consider calling the chiropractor right away.

If your pain is accompanied by muscle weakness, this changes everything. This usually indicates nerve damage and you should call right away.

Remember, listen to your body. Try to rest and use ice, initially for 15 to 20 minutes every hour. If not getting better after a few days or the condition seems to be more severe then earlier attention by a professional will usually lead to an earlier recovery.

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This post was written by Dr. Tim Grothman

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