Sports Injuries and Chiropractic

Sports and athletic injuries generally occur for one of two reasons. First, a joint or tissue is subjected to a trauma or force that exceeds the ability of the tissue to adapt. While this can result in the breaking of a bone (i.e. fracture) it more commonly affects the soft tissues.

Soft tissue injuries involve muscles/tendons and ligaments. When these tissues or fibers are stretched or torn it is called a strain (muscle/tendon) or a sprain (ligament). These types of injuries can also involve the discs of the spine.

When these injuries do occur, chiropractic care is important to properly align the joints involved to allow a speedier and more complete recovery. As in a dislocation, a partial misalignment requires correction (reduction) for optimal and proper healing.

Specific nutritional support is also valuable to minimize swelling and inflammation as well as to provide the appropriate minerals for tissue regeneration. As well as pain reduction. Rehabilitation exercises may then be used to further strengthen the tissue involved.

Ice and rest is always important for the new and acute injury. Proper bracing, taping or additional support may also be necessary. If home care does not seem adequate, then call us to assess the extent of the damage including an x-ray, if necessary.

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