What Others Are Saying About Us

I was struggling with chronic headaches and my sleep. I was tired and irritable. I typically took Ibuprofen on a daily basis. When my headaches would turn into a migraine, I would get a shot to numb the pain.

Now, my headaches are gone for the first time in ten years. My neck no longer aches and my sleep has become restful. I have 100 times the energy to study, exercise and contribute to my family and friend’s lives. Thank you!!!

Tessa H.

I had been experiencing hearing loss, ringing in the ears, dizziness, nausea and sometimes vomiting. This made me irritable and prevented me from doing much outside. I had been active walking, snowshoeing, kayaking etc. I went to bed early and still woke up tired.

I saw an ENT doc who a drug for dizziness and a drug for nausea. He also discussed a shot of steroids in my ear or an antibiotic that was toxic to the ear to cause more hearing loss. Another doc suggested Valium.

Since getting chiropractic adjustments m ears have stopped ringing and my hearing has even improved. I have not been dizzy or nauseous. I am active again. It is great to be back to normal.

Brenda C.

My daughter and I were in two different auto accidents that resulted in neck, back and shoulder pain. I also had headaches and jaw pain. I had a hard time lifting or carrying anything heavy. Doing sports or exercise was a big challenge.

Chiropractic care has helped to alleviate my pain, increase my mobility and I feel normal again… and my headaches are gone.

Lynette G.

Chiropractic has made my quality of life so much better.

Sharon R.

I was suffering with daily headaches and back pain for four months from a car accident. I wasn’t much fun to be around because of the constant pain I was in. The back pain and headaches prevented me from doing almost everything.

I had gone to my doctor several times and was given several prescriptions for pain and had an MRI and was sent to a nerve specialist. But I wasn’t getting better.

After starting chiropractic care my headaches are almost stopped completely. My back pain has gotten so much better. I was able to go to my three year old grand-daughter’s birthday party and was able to play wither, gave her a bath and had a tea party. Life is so much better.

Linda S.

Thank you for helping me get healthier… You go above and beyond and it shows!

Jami H.

My back and neck were in pain most of the time… my back feels great and I can move a lot easier. I can’t believe I waited this long to feel this good.

Rosemarie N.

I was always in pain. I also had headaches all of the time. My back and neck pain made everything I did hurt… Painkillers, anti-inflammatories and sleeping pills never really helped the pain to really go away. I am thankful for Dr. Grothman and Dr. Higgins for all that they have done for me. I can have fun again.

Jim P.

I have had low back, hip and ankle problems since I was hit by a car. I could not sit, get up or down or walk without excruciating pain. It is amazing how pain affects our whole being. I am back to my normal, happy and bubbly self and working full time.

Vicky C.

I was suffering from sciatic pain. It was literally crippling. I could barely walk. My sleep was inconsistent and painful. I was unable to do any of the activities I enjoy including motorcycle riding, playing hack-sack, going for walks or even shooting pool.

I had tried countless different muscle relaxers and pain pills. I received cortisone injections, tried physical therapy and even had surgery after an MRI.

After starting chiropractic care my sciatic pain is gone almost completely and I am working a full time physical job. I am now able to enjoy motorcycle riding and walks again.

Ray B.

I had vicious back pain the prevented me from working. I couldn’t even hold my 5 week old daughter. The medical doctor only gave me drugs that didn’t help. With chiropractic care I am working again, holding my daughter and “loving life” again.

Anthony J.

I was having severe pain in my hip. Pain killers made it easier to walk but I still was unable to play sports and the problems did not go away. Dr. Grothman found the real issue and the adjustments made such a difference. I can now play sports and even run without pain. I lift weights and can even work out harder than before. Now I get monthly adjustments to stay in great shape.

Mitch W.

I was suffering from headaches that would keep me in bed, sometimes for days. I also had back pain that prevented me from hiking or kayaking like I wanted to. After my first three adjustments my headaches became a thing of the past! My back pain is continuing to improve and I am enjoying many of the physical activities that I used to.

Jade M.

I had already tried back surgery and nerve blocks that did not work. This was my last chance for pain relief. I was unable to walk very far, do house or yard work or even play with my grandchildren. My neurosurgeon actually recommended Health Within Chiropractic. Life is improving with more good days even without the heavy pain drugs. I am very impressed with Dr. Grothman for his kindness, understanding, listening to me and working his magic. My attitude of a healthy lifestyle is improving.

Leslie P.

I was tired and sore all the time, so after a friend suggested Health Within Chiropractic I decided it was time to take care of me. Best move ever! Within a few short weeks I could feel drastic improvements both physically and mentally.

Jacki A.

I have suffered from neck and back pain and headaches for 30 years. I was told that it was stress-related and took pain meds. Just 2-3 weeks into treatment all symptoms have improved. The headaches are gone and my neck and back are much improved also.

Arthur L.

I had pain in my neck, down my left arm and deep in my left shoulder. It was hard to sleep or enjoy life. I had surgery on my neck 4 years ago which helped some of the pain but I still needed pain meds. After chiropractic care I have way less pain in my neck, left arm and left shoulder blade. It makes it much easier to sleep and enjoy life. I am much happier.

Leslie H.

On December 29, 2014 I fell on my right knee. On January 6, 2015 I went to my MD who told me I had a contusion and “it would go away”. As January moved along and crippling sciatica took over my left leg a friend suggested I see his chiropractor. I had never been before. On February 3rd I began with Dr. Grothman. Only a gut feeling made me persevere. On February 12 I am practically as good as before the fall. Dr. Grothman is gentle, kind and intuitive. I am now a believer.

Nancy G.

Shortly after an automobile accident, I developed severe lower back pain. I was in fear of a life of constant back pain. Work was agony. I am pregnant and did not want to take any drugs. With chiropractic care I have relief of back and neck pain. Things have been wonderful.

Kim W.

I came to see Dr. Grothman for headaches that caused me to miss work about 1 day a week. After doing chiropractic, I rarely get a headache anymore. I am a believer. Thank you.

Pat J.